Kinvale Developments is a proud and passionate family business. Established 1997 with a plan of developing high quality properties from start to finish – we buy, build and sell.

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We approach each project with vision, sophistication and determination to achieve the best possible result.
With 20 years’ experience, we have honoured our original vision by building high-end luxury homes, exclusive town residences, townhouse developments, multi-level apartment complexes and childcare centres. These properties have withstood the test of time, and look as good now as they did when completed.

Each site has its own set of challenges and we enjoy overcoming them with our extensive network of designers, engineers and craftsmen thereby reaching the optimal development outcome. View More…

We love what we do and are passionate about what we develop.


Our success depends on teamwork, The highly skilled and experienced team at Kinvale is dedicated to perfection